06 April 2008

can you hear me now? تاتش& مودي

As I eavesdropped into two guys's conversation at the Avenues Mall today (I know...bad G!..but much more fascinating than my sister talking about 7th grade) I wondered:

When did "mood" and "touch" enter the Kuwaiti lexicon?

It's a pet peeve of mine when people use English words and change their meaning in Arabic!!
Case in point: the two guys in the adjacent tables, late 20's, talking:

Guy #1: (talking about boss at work treating him badly)"ana kilish moo moody chithee"

Guy #2: "inta min mita 9ayer iltouch bainik o'baina?" (about the boss)

I've heard mood being used like that several times now. It drives me insane.

But if you want to see me go crazy I hate it when people say "touch". I'm sure he doesn't mean his boss made an inappropriate homosexual advance towards him...NO TOUCHING HAPPENED!! Why the hell would you say touch?

If anything a "touch" is a good thing!

Please join my campaign to stop the simultaneous bastardization of Arabic and English. I'm all for mixing languages (after all, I can't be that big of a hypocrite) let's just stay true to both when we mix.

Think about it this way: Every time you say something stupid like "touch" and "mood" a hair follicle dies and a fat cell makes your love handles its home. In time you'll be left stupid, bald and fat.

Not that I have anything against chunky bald people. Really, I don't. I'm just saying it's unattractive. You being stupid, not being fat and bald.

Just to show y'all that I now know how to insert a line. (Oh shut up you internet prodigy!)

Look mom! I did it again!


Hasan.B said...

Maybe he is really homosexual and wants his boos to touch him?

eshda3wa said...

thank u!
i hate it whn ppl do that too!!

Anonymous said...

eww I second eshda3wa...I really hate such kind of people. why cant we go and tell them dude what you are doing is wrong?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

FINALLY!! Bs seriously... my cousin once told me.. ana baynee oo baynha shway "touch"... uuuuuum.... all I could think about was that song ... when they sing something and then go "touch"... as in touching each other in a sexual way....

Glitter said...


Akheeran someone sounded my disgust at this issue..

Ma7ad gal lokom la etgi66oon kilma engilizi, bs ya m3awdeen gi66ooha sa7!

Big Pearls said...

Totally agree!

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

another favorite "arabish" word..."relax". I can't bring myself to use it in a sentence, but I'm sure you've heard it.

My MIL tries to make her way around my kids English my telling my daughter, "lebsi shoes-ich" (put your shoes on) among other things, too endearing.