23 April 2008

5 reasons Haitham Al-Shaya inspires me*

1) He graduated college at 26 years old.
I'm 24 and have been out of school for two years, so technically, I have two years over him--or would that be four?

2) Not ashamed of his privileged position; has taken advantage of it.
I'm one of those stupid socially conscious people who are almost disgusted by the privilege I have (both real and perceived).

3) Believes in himself.
Being a poor orator at 32 is clearly not holding him back; why do I feel the need to be more experienced at 24? (Clearly I undermine myself.)

4) Has no passion, yet tries to fake it. (Fake it till you make it, brother!)
Inspirational indeed. Also only deepens my belief that an interest in politics is something you're born with, more nature than nurture.

5) Willing to take chances and step out of his comfort zone.
He seemed quite uncomfortable.

*All based on what I saw during the event at his campaign headquarters yesterday.

Once again, I have nothing against him at all; he just came off as an imposture. His speech seemed extremely contrived. Almost like watching the kid's on mama Aneesa's show (no offense bro).

Let's hope that in four years when he's Saleh Al-Mulla's age, he'll have matured so much that he can be compared to Al-Mulla.

By the way, if you've come looking for him...this is his website.

Just a note to people working on election campaigns:
1) websites are important.
2) there's something called "search engine optimization" google it. you all need it.

And seriously Al-Mutair?? Your website still isn't running?!! There's less than a month till elections..and you're an incumbent!! Your website should've been up and running before the election!!

Did I mention I'm sorta falling in love with Faisal Al-Meslim?! He's great, I have a massive crush on him. Although I don't agree with all his positions, I've never felt someone to be more genuine than him. If you haven't heard him speak, please try to do so. (If any girls need details about time and place please email me, I'll find out for you. I got his sister's number, I know shameless.)

I think I'm gonna print an "I heart AlMeslim" and "AlSarawi is a RockStar" bumperstickers.

If you can, 'cause I can't vote for them. (And if someone says "8abali" I'm gonna kill them, seriously people, GROW UP!)


Hasan.B said...

Sale7 almulla
Aseel al3awathi
Ahmed Alsa3doun
Khalid Al khalid

Although I respect Alsar3awi and al meslim, but I would not vote for people who want to change the second part of our constitution and who believe in segregation. Oh Al mutair is a complete hypocrite, Alshaye3 abrak mina! (Not praising Haytham btw!)

Glitter said...

Don't know much abt polotics, but yes, AlSar3awi has my vote.

Al-Meslim, really ?!

"8abali" shino?


i highly recommend that u attend ..

etha ma gdartay, ako nadwa thanya on the 29th in AUK from 5-7


read, think, attend

see for urself what they've got to say, minty khasrana

ra7 y3ajbonich, i think

Salah said...

Faisal Almeslim!

one of his student said about him:

"كنا ناخذ عنده مواد مايقصر مع الحضر والبدو بالرغم انه محاضراته كانت كله عن الانتخابات وطب بالحكومة
ولكن مثل باجي الشباب قلنا خل ناخذ درجتنا وبس
ولكن تفاجأنا بأحد مفاتيحه انه يطلب نقل اصوات كل واحد اخذ امتياز من منطقته الى خيطان .. ويقال وعلى ذمة الراوي اكثر من 500 طالب انتقلوا الى منطقته.
حتى تم اخيرا ضبط ولاول مرة في تاريخ الجامعة ان يتم تصليح الاختبارات النهائية من خلال لجنة "

I think we should check if he's really as good as he pretends to be!

eshda3wa said...

so ur really into haitham arnt u :p

Hasan.B said...

3la 6ari Mr. Haytham! Check this link:


and please look at the pictures. Is this not considered in some way buying votes? Especially ina it happened after dissolving the parlement?

Anonymous said...

Can we talk about food rather than politics? :D

and someone is falling in love? ahem ahem... no doubt its a sunny day today,hehe

~ Dreamzy ~ said...

heheh I agree with .:amu:.

6ala3t from my cocoon !

and AND I UNDERSTOOD laish 7alooh ! (I need double mabrooks)