20 April 2008

“now I’d love to be able to participate in life one last time…”

Came across a series of pictures that I think are both interesting, inspirational and unsettling a bit.

Life Before Death.

These are a series of pictures of people before and after they die. They are tasteful yet somber. If you're disturbed by death please do not click on the link.


"Gerda couldn’t believe that cancer was cheating her of her hard-earned retirement. “My whole life was nothing but work, work, work,” she told me. She had worked on the assembly line in a soap factory, and had brought up her children single-handedly. “Does it really have to happen now? Can’t death wait?” she sobbed."

"I wonder if it’s possible to have a second chance at life? I don’t think so. I’m not afraid of death — I’ll just be one of the million, billion grains of sand in the desert…”


Salah said...

What if life starts after death?

What if we don't become just grains of sand in the desert?

What if we have to get ready for that life? and we know we'll never be ready!

If that the case, should the transition point be serious?

Should we be afraid of death?

I think we really should!


salah, u should my friend, u really should
warak akhra yakhoy, wrak 3thab wrak jana o nar, kil hathy 7yat jdeda, 7yat as3ab, hy nateja bmt7an ildinya, zahib,
sadgny wanakhtik mara7 tg3ad o tkon mojarad "grains of sand in the desert", zahib lhal yom lana trah jaay, i mean, no matter how strong u were, o shno makan jabarotik, enshalh u fought gravity! enshalh u were the strongest most powerful person in the world, mara7 tgdar t7arb ilmot, lana byiy ghasbin 3laik o 3alay, rthaina wila en rthaina, o hathy 7aqeqa ana wyak o 7ata a 6 year old y3arfha, bas qalel ely ystaw3bonha,

mwafag enshalh

G, thanks a bunch

u guys listen to this please,

Anonymous said...

there are a million question which have no answer...they often come in ones mind but its better to close them there cuz lets waste our time on something good :D

Silver said...

so depressing! tra walla mo nag9een :/

eshda3wa said...

death... one of life's few certainties

Anonymous said...

Wow.... this gave me goosebumps...
But I liked it... and as Eshda3wa says... its one of thing in life that is certain...

G.E&B said...

salah: I think what we believe about death as Muslims is both scary and very peaceful.

I find people's beliefs on death fascinating.

?: that nasheeda gave me goosebumps.

amu: i'm not following (?)

silver: sorry :/ ana 9ayra ya politics ya death :|

eshda3wa: yeah...but it's always soo distant

hamitaf: yeah...its something we dont see everyday.

Mirror Polisher said...

Most looked very peaceful.

Here's a great bumper sticker: I believe in life before death