21 May 2008

Aseel: the anti-Haleema

Although, I'm wasn't in a position to vote for Aseel Al-Awadhi, third constituency candidate, nor do I agree with her ideology completely, I think she's great for Kuwait.

From Nouriya Al-Sadani to Rola Dashti*, never before have we had a young(-ish) feminine soft-spoken candidate running for elections. Kuwaiti women seeking powerful positions, whether real or fictitious (as in TV soaps), are always older, more androgynous and generally deemed "undesirable". (Sweeping generalizations, shame on me).

Aseel in a way, is the anti-Haleema Boland.

This elections' lesson: You don't have to be a ditz to make it; politics isn't for butch girls.

*Jenan Boushihri is an exception. Also, apparently Aseel and Rola are both around the same age. (who knew?!)


Big Pearls said...

and it's still about elections..

powder said...


Anonymous said...

I like aseel...she taught my sister in uni and my sister was fascinated by her.... she was soo sad when she didn't win.. and same problem.. not in our district!

~ Dreamzy ~ said...

Dear G.E.&B,

will the real G.E.&B please stand up!?

Please stand up !?

Please stand Up!

just a bunch of thoughts said...

well, what's done is done... if she's to succeed, she will succeed someday ...

what does she teach btw?