19 May 2008

How low will you go?

I knew Al-Kharafi was going to win, but the way he chose to run his campaign and his campaigner's actions killed the last shred of respect I have for the man.

During the election campaign, we were being flooded with phone-calls from people who clearly did not speak with a Kuwaiti dialect, sometimes asking, sometimes telling us to vote for Al-Kharafi.

They visited our home, two very fair young women with an older lady, who didn't look or speak like anyone I knew. (They looked like they crossed the border two days ago.) Telling us that they're crossing our names off the list, that I need to keep my word. I told her, I was still thinking about it and cannot promise anything.

I knew all these people were hired. There's nothing wrong with that.

But at the school, it was a whole different ballgame.

Children and young women screaming his name and grabbing on to me as I walked past them. "Al-Kharafi #1!"

It really reminded me of this:

They were acting very '
cheap', 14 year old girls running around the streets close to the school. WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS?!

Needless to say, Al-Kharafi's whole campaign made me very uncomfortable because it was obvious he had bought these people.

Congratulations, Mohammad Jassem Al-Kharafi, you set a new record for yourself. How low will you go next?

Sadly, when I say Kharafi, I also mean Marzoug Al-Ghanim because they ran the same campaign. Disgusting. Shame on you Marzoug, we had hope for you.


Big Pearls said...

elections elections..baass...aaah:p

Salah said...

I think there should be an upper limit on what the campaign should cost. I can’t blame Al-Khrafi for hiring people because of one reason only, it’s still lawful. A new law must be introduced.

During election time in the UK you don’t see a huge campaign like in other countries. You don’t see more than some politicians on TV debating and arguing. When I asked why there are no planners or flyers or photos, I was told that they cannot afford any of that. They have a limit and they are not allowed to exceed. The obvious reason is that election should be fair and it should be affordable for anyone to run for the parliament or the council.

In Kuwait I don’t think the election is fair for those who are not superrich candidates especially in the second district.

Blue Moon said...

So i gather you didn't hear about meat in plastic bags being distributed all over Doha & Sulaibikhat @ 7am the day of the election?
which got us confused,
is it Do7a or Arteria???

And didn't you know that whoever wears al Kharafi T.shirt gets 200KD instantly?

And Naser, his brother, taking his PHANTOM- Rolls Royce, to show it off fe dewaniyat il mana6iq il bi3eeda?


Anonymous said...

I think its the campaign organizers that went overboard really...
And it felt like Highschool elections really rather than parliment elections....