06 May 2008

Faisal Al-Hajji: BITE ME!

This is NOT okay.

Al-Qabas (May 6,2009)
المسيلة» ضاحية سالم الصباح
قال وزير الدولة لشؤون مجلس الوزراء فيصل الحجي ان سمو أمير البلاد، تقديراً للدور المهم والجهود المخلصة التي قام بها المغفور له الشيخ سالم الصباح في مختلف المجالات والميادين في خدمة الوطن والمواطنين من مختلف المواقع التي تقلدها طيلة فترة عمله، أمر بتسمية منطقة «المسيلة» باسم ضاحية سالم الصباح.

(Almessila to be renamed "Salem Al-Sabah" Area)

One more area renamed after a Shaikh. I have no problems with our Shyookh, but renaming areas seems like something invaders do and YOU ARE NOT INVADING US.

It's hostile, it's eradicating and rewriting history. Sure, our areas have some pretty crazy names (Mahboola?!)...but this is our history (somehow) and we want to keep it!

I barely recognize the names in my country anymore!

There's going to be more roads, areas, highways, schools, hospitals built in the next five years (atleast we hope!). Why can't you wait till something actually needs a name to name it?!

Guess what! you can lead a horse to water....
I'm still calling Om AlHaiman, Om AlHaiman and '3arb (West) Mishref is always gonna be West Mishref to me.

And when someone tells me to go to Sabah Al-Nasser or Jaber Al-Ali I say...where the !@#$ is that..??!!!

WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? IT'S NOT ABOUT HONORING THE PEOPLE...(I'm soo flipping pissed I could bite Faisal Al-Hajji)

I'm sick of not recognizing my country anymore. I'm sick of this crap you're pulling...

I'm outraged.


Hasan.B said...

Although I am against this bad habit, but bu basil yestahal, nevertheless its not a justifiable cause

Big Pearls said...

I hope they change their mind or something..messilah should keep its name!!

Baroque said...

babe, sorry to burst your bubble..

but messila is essentially al-sabah-dom..

it consists of ga9r il messila and al-sabah houses, and besides its just a block, and bo-basil yistahil allah yir7ima...

i think you should start reading the signs and then you might start recognizing your country..

Jaber il Ali can be reached by taking the fahaheel express way.. you can't miss it, akoo huge sign..

Great men, its not an invasion, its a celebration of those honorable men.

Hasan.B said...

"but messila is essentially al-sabah-dom"

What does this have to do with it? I used to live in an area where all my families lived in it, does that mean they should change the name? Yes bo basil yestahal. But not all of them are honourable, and of course not all are worthy, actually most are not!

G.E&B said...

Hasan B.: my problem is not with him AT ALL! the problem is these designations are arbitrary!

big pearls: yeah messila is actually a good name!

baroque: right...by your logic, Khaitan should be renamed to honor a 3taibi person, Rmaithiya a shee3i person, Kaifan wa7id wild il9ibee7, AlFarwaniya a Rashidi...etc...

or are the only honorable men "Saba7i" in this country?

I don't have a problem with celebrating honorable men, I just think we shouldn't do it in a way that changes our history (or geography).

eshda3wa said...

i know!

its all getting so confusing!

Anonymous said...

but I like the name Messilah... we got used to it!

فتى الجبل said...

وجريب ان شاء الله بيقلبون اسم الدولة لي دولة الكويت الصباحية