07 June 2008

ChickenPox: the Quirks meme.

Like an ugly stomach bug that's been going around, I knew this was coming.

The 6 quirks meme courtesy of Palomino

1) I hate gum. (and poprocks.) *
2) When at a restaurant, I can't sit with my back to an aisle or anywhere else people walk. (I got whacked on the back of my head with a hotplate once, my life has never been the same.)
3) I have to wash my feet before I go to bed.
4) When IMing...I punctuate everything with ellipses...I do that on the blog also... I dunno why...it just seems like more of a conversation....like this...*
5) I cannot sleep with wet hair. (I thought this was normal.)*
6) I'm obsessed with organizing, decluttering and minimalism. My vanity's top is completely empty, everything is in drawers. In my bathroom, the only visible products (I tear of labels or change bottles to nicer ones) are those I use daily, everything else is in baskets on shelves.

Consider yourself tagged if you'd like to do the meme.

* quirks provided by NobRa.


Anonymous said...

I love the feeling of cold-wet hair when I go to sleep.... ;p

~ Dreamzy ~ said...

never knew any of those; but ofcourse the deculttering ...

mino ma dara? lol