06 June 2008

Over the past ten days, I learned:

  • I love big cities. I feel more at home.
  • As I expected, Kuwaitis don't do London well.
  • Shopping for more than three days straight will make me miserable.
  • I need alone time.
  • I could be having world's of fun, but without the internet I feel like there's a gaping hole in my soul.
  • My dependence on coffee has reached serious addiction levels.
  • That me traveling without Arabic coffee grinds is not good for anyone. (Indeed, I am a little old bedouin lady.)
  • Ipod's rock.
  • Turkey has issues.


Anonymous said...

welcome back :).....I know we have terrible weather here but hey this is q8 :D

~ Dreamzy ~ said...


*running around in circles woohoo*

Fastidious Babe said...

whoa! green balalee6, or eggs is it? the pic is really out there!

cute blog u got here..

i am more of a big city person too.. so i get where ur coming from.. Also, we have incorporated the internet into our lives in such a way that we cannot go one day without it!

Thats why i got myself a blackberry so that i'm Always Connected.. or else i start hyperventilating..

and there's nothing wrong with having a coffee addiction.. the way i see it: better it be coffee than anything else.. *spoken like a true addict*

have a great vacation! x