19 October 2008

The Undead.

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Those people who I seem to walk amongst, not really alive yet going through the motions of living.

Waking up and braving traffic to go to places they don't really want to be, to do things they don't want to do, to get paid and buy things they may not even want. Marrying people they're indifferent to.
Having children who they love dearly but don't really care for.

As I people watch in malls I often wonder if they're happy, if they realize how much of their life is on auto-pilot and if they could change it would they?

Then again I'm usually quite envious of them. They seem so satisfied. Their lives so simple. So well-adjusted.

Sometimes, I wish I was undead.

Ugh! Enough with the introspection and judgment. What do I know?


ManalQ8 said...

بوست حلو

يحاكي الواقع

كثيراً ما افكر بالناس من حولي
من لا تجمعني بهم الا ان نكون في نفس المكان فقط

كيف يعيشون
وكيفيرعون ابنائهم


سلمت يداك

the crazy jogger said...

all those fake smiles keep the world turning I guess