05 November 2008

Letter to Obama.

Dear Mr. Obama,

Hi*giggle*.I am an international citizen who has been following your every move for the better part of eight months. I have been captivated by your story, speeches and stands.

You showed the world, that Disney movies aren't completely whack. The underdog does win sometimes. You gave us--wait for it-- HOPE.

So, on behalf of my fellow sandbox dwellers, I'd like to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart--a heart that you have won over effectively.

Mr. President(-elect), now that you have my heart, I beg of you, please to be gentle with it.

Hopeful in Kuwait,

P.S. You have a beautiful family.

P.P.S. To Palin, I would like to quote a very wise woman, Judge Judy:"Madame, You are a marginal person!"


Salah said...

You would've thought he had this support because he's black, but if that the reason why most people in Britain (a fairly white country) wanted him to win!

H...E said...

yes, president ELECT. lest you forget that ;)

G.E&B said...

salah: he's like a real life Seabiscuit! But u know, the human version.