27 May 2009

Things I learned over the past four years...

It hit me last night that I've been out of college for four years this May. I decided to channel all my freak out emotions into an advice piece for recent grads:

1) Being a lifeless drone is a choice most people around you will make. You don't have to do it.

2) Your friend's lives will diverge, some will get very demanding jobs, others will have families, others will leave to go to grad school. Friendships will require more energy and time if you want to keep them.

3) Networking with men (for women) is much more difficult but necessary. Do too much of it and you're easy and too eager, do too little and you limit your access to opportunities. Find yourself a comfortable balance.

4) Most people don't know what they're doing, you're not the only one. Make it up as you go along, be confident in your ability to learn.

5) If you don't get married, it's okay. People are going to treat you like your dying but you're really not.

6) Be happy for other people's successes, life isn't a race, you're heading to different destinations anyway.

7) Find something you'd like to get involved in, (especially if you have a soul-sucking job) do something for other people.

8) Ask for what you want (I'm still working on this one) if you don't know what you want ask for what you think you want. If it turns out you don't want it, thank people for their help and move on.

9) Don't put yourself/undermine yourself especially not in front of people. They will believe what you say about yourself. (Don't be cocky either, no one likes that.)

10) Take a deep breath, it'll all be okay. (I think.)

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atoona said...

i know this post is like 5 months old, but i loved ittt !

seems so true!