10 May 2009

Who wants to be a millionaire?

At a young entrepreneur meeting earlier today, several men talked about wanting to be millionaires; one of the attendees even mentioned wanting to have 6 billion dinars (1 Kuwaiti dinar = 3.4 US dollars).

It threw me off, I've never thought of wanting money. Financial freedom, absolutely, and I've learned to quantify it too. Enough to travel, buy gifts for loved ones and afford the best health-care if anyone around me ever needs it.

Money's nice don't get me wrong, you'll never hear me complaining of "excess money", but to want to work towards a number is a foreign concept.

So, who wants to be a millionaire?


Big Pearls said...

i want:p

Salah said...

لفتت نظري الصورة اللي اخترتيها للموضوع!


وبالنسبة لسؤالج

الفلوس وسيلة مو غاية وان شاء الله تظل بالنسبة لي مجرد وسيلة.