18 November 2009

Haitham, logic FAIL!

I sometimes feel guilty that Haitham Alshaya is one of the leading searches that lands you at my blog. My posts haven't been very generous to him and for that I often feel the need to apologize.

But then he goes and writes stuff like this column and makes a complete mockery of himself. You make yourself an easy target. Too easy.

In his article, Haitham argues that bribery is a legitimate way for a Prime Minister to build a parliamentary majority and fulfill his agenda.

Two huge flaws in his argument:
  1. uhhh it's not. Bribery is not the way to build a majority in the real world.What the Prime Minister allegedly did was pay 200,000 dinars to a member of Parliament which is exactly what corrupt politicians do. (Also, against an international anti-corruption agreement ratified a few years ago.)

  1. Suppose it's true. He bribes to rally MP's around him and push his agenda, where's the agenda? He's been a Prime Minister for four years. The Prime Minister has NO agenda. So what exactly is he paying for?

Dude, please stop writing or get a better ghost writer. I'm embarrassed for you (and no longer sorry about the unflattering stuff I said).

Also, can you ask why River Island sells all tights priced at 5.99 British pounds for 3 KD, 4 KD, or 5 KD depending on color...it just seems like a huge ripoff. And Alshaya's customer care isn't being very helpful with my query.

1 comment:

متزوج 3 وعمري 28 said...

As you said, he need a better ghost writter :)
well, what do you expect from someone controlling the coffee in kuwait and he just increased his price more than the double in 2 years, while the coffee do not cost him anything..
he cannot play with goverment, they both need each other