17 November 2009

Wait your turn, do not pick your nose and other important lessons.

The other day, talking with a group of women about Kuwait's issues at a friend's house, a lady, late 20's to early 30's, impeccable blond highlights, extremely well-dressed, distinct last name, starts speaking:

"The problem is with us, it's our attitude..."

"...I mean, who would wait for their turn at the doctor if the doctor was a relative like their sister or such? I won't."

I nearly choked on my tea; I interrupt.

"I wait for my turn, always. To me, it's purely a matter of manners and class,"
"Only if I was dying would I even consider taking someone else's turn at the doctor!"

Not wanting to insult the lady, I stopped talking. But, I was shocked that someone would say that out loud. To me that's like saying, I never flush the toilet after I use it, or I pick my nose and taste it, I kick babies in the head for fun.

There are certain things that should never be said in public. I don't wait my turn at the doctor because I know someone is definitely high on that list.

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