04 November 2009

Hit the road, Jack

There's been a group of people who have been calling on H.H. the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad's resignation and I fully support their cause. (More information: HERE)

The main reason is that he hasn't been competent at his job. He has failed to lead the country anywhere and now he's failing to keep it from unraveling. Sheikh Nasser has had six (failed/failing) cabinets in a little over four years. That means almost every ministry has seen atleast three ministers in four years; not a recipe for success.

Unfortunately, Sheikh Nasser's has failed to deal with all Parliamentary crisis, think back with me:
  • July 2006- Parliament was dissolved because government refused to amend voting districts to five. نبيها خمس. After elections were held, government vote for the five districts.
  • March 2007- Sheikh Nasser's government resigns, to avoid questioning of Health Minister
  • March 2008- Sheikh Nasser's government resigns, 50KD
  • January 2009- Sheikh Nasser's government resigns following Al-Fali's dilemma.
  • March 2009- Sheikh Nasser's government resigns to avoid questioning regarding misuse of his Diwan's funds.

That's not really his fault, the Parliament sucks and they keep creating these crisis.
Of course we're not blaming all Kuwait's problems on him. Yes, the Parliament has a role in this. But changing the representatives of the people requires that we change the political culture. Sheikh Nasser's policies has reinforced certain political divisions in the country, be they sect-based (remember the whole Mughnia drama, and the conflicting reaction from his administration?) or tribal based.

He can't resign, there's no one to replace him.
For one, under the constitution, selecting a Prime Minister is H.H. the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad responsibility, it's not something I'm interested in meddling in, it's none of our business. Another thing is, we have no "horse in the race". I don't care who takes over as long as someone more competent does. Also, to say that there are no men in the Ruling Family that could lead better than H.H. Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad is an insult.

As long as it's someone competent, qualified, with no history of corruption, I don't care who leads the country.

We're at such a low point that I'd be willing to take a chance on anyone, realistically speaking, how much worse can it get?

It's not your right (or prerogative) to call for his resignation, it's the Parliament's.
Article 36 of the Kuwaiti constitution grants individuals freedom of opinion and expression. Yes, the parliament can choose to not-cooperate with the Prime Minister (Article 102). But a government-majority parliament is not going to do that. Unfortunately, digging Kuwait out of this hole will have to be left to the Kuwaiti people.

He has a plan now, he's trying to work. Give him time.
Maybe, but how long are we willing to wait for him to get it right? and why? In his latest address to Parliament, he mentions precautions against swine flu and dealing with the Mishref sewage disaster as his government's successes. How could he say that with a straight face? He claims Warba Bank, formerly known and voted on in the Parliament as Jaber Bank, as an achievement of his. I have lost all confidence in him.

I don't hate H.H. Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad, nor do I have a personal vendetta against him. I don't know who should come after him but I'm willing to take a risk.

We have a lot to gain with his resignation, a new Prime Minister, a precedent that Ruling Family members are accountable in their jobs and Hope. (Remember Hope? It's when you don't feel like hurling when you read the papers in the morning.)

I've written more about H.H. Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad here and here.

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eshda3wa said...

politics in this country has become a circus show

i for one have lost hope