20 February 2010

Witty Title Here

Something's very wrong with me.

Yesterday, I heard a story about a Palestinian woman who got engaged to a man completing a 16 year sentence Israeli prisons a week after he was sentenced. By the time she gets married, in two years, she'll have waited 9 years to get married (his sentence was reduced to 9 years).

The first thought in my mind was "sweet arrangement!" I bet no one bothers her about not being married. Where can I sign up for that?

Horribly selfish, no?

Also, our 23 year old driver has been diagnosed with a mental health disorder. We love the kid. My whole family was hit hard with the news. My mother wants him to continue working with us as long as he takes his medication. My father doesn't want to risk it considering there's no real way to monitor that. It's been difficult all around. Keep him in your prayers.

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Nabeel said...

Sad story - I will pray for him :)