21 March 2010


This one

(Craptastic, tabloid TV station)

and this one

(Crappy Salafist newspaper)

got married.

Their "wedding" was covered live all night by Scope TV.
Really? I was embarrassed for them and their families. Who okay'ed this?

Were they that desperate to get her married? That's so sad.
Why set yourself up to be the butt of a joke?
How is this going to affect their organizations?

How are the Salafis dealing with her crappy TV shows?
Will Arrouiah's crap coverage of crap change?
Why would u want to broadcast your wedding?

الله يهني سعيد بسعيده

EDA: Apparently, the Amir and the Crown Prince were witnesses at their ceremony. Only days before the Parliament will take a vote of confidence on the Minister of Information after questioning him over his leniency and disregard for regulations with tabloid satellite channels (such as Scope TV) last week. Maybe it's a coincidence and His Highness is doing it out of familial obligation-or something. Yeah.

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