23 March 2010

Facebook off

Before you share something on facebook, ask yourself the following questions:

1) Why? Yes, for the most part, there needs to be a reason, and a good one too!
2) Do they really need to know this? If the answer is no, DO NOT SHARE.
3) Would I share this with my mother? see above.
4) If I were to run for public office will this come to bite me in the buttocks? (Please read buttocks like Forrest Gump would.) If the answer is YES, DO NOT SHARE.
5) Would I be in trouble if this gets out to the public? see above.
6) Does this make me look like the idiot I most likely am? see above.
7) Is this spelled correctly? If the answer is no, or there's a squiggly line under the word, go to dictionary.com find the correct spelling.
8) Does this require tone to be understood correctly? If the answer is yes, DO NOT SHARE.
9) Is the person I'm talking to in the other room? If the answer is yes, go to the other room you lazy bum.
10) Is this an original idea/thought/picture? If the answer is NO, CITE YOUR SOURCE, tag, link or do something to show that it's not yours.

People, facebook (and the internet in general) is a public forum. Act like you would in public, better yet, act like you would if your grandparents were watching your every move.

And if you're one of those people who take a picture of their every meal. STOP. We know, you eat pretty food. Good for you. It's not interesting to your 200+ friends.

Don't even get me started on people who post new pictures of their kids everyday. Let's keep it to once a month, okay?-unless they're doing something extraordinary, like winning an Oscar or getting a Nobel Prize, capisce?

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