07 March 2010

Godwin's Crazypant's Law

This is your brain:

This is your brain after talking to conspiracy theorists:

The Green Eggs and Balalee6 version of Godwin's law:

"As any discussion with Arabs grows longer, the probability of involving Zionists and Free Masons approaches 1."

This can be applied to pretty much any topic,

الشعر الحديث استحدثه الصهاينه لتدمير اللغه العربيه

المسلسلات الكرتونيه تعلم أبناءنا الماسونيه

الصهاينه يغرقون أسواقنا بالإسترتش لمنع بناتنا للإنجاب
وسيله للصهاينه لجمع أكبر عدد من المعلومات والصور لبنات المسلمين

(Note: all these are real conversations I've had at one point or another in the past few years.)

The problem is we can't really have a fruitful conversation with conspiracy theorists. We might as well stop trying.

The real question: what percentage of Arabs are conspiracy theorists? 40%, 20%?


Anonymous said...

I'd say 50% is about right

G said...

I'm sorry, I must believe that it's lower for my sanity. A 1:1 ratio is more than I can handle.

Muneeb S said...

60% easily!or higher!