03 March 2010

the magic orange button.

I have a love-hate relationship with my google reader. I check it eagerly every morning and night. I get excited when I'm away for a few days and it reads 54 new items. I love pointing the arrow at the next button and getting huffy at bloggers who don't share their full posts (pageview whores!).

But I am reluctant to share it with anyone. I'm actually slightly embarrassed by the number of cooking and decor blogs on the list. Looking through my reader, one might think I'm a girly-girl. (Maybe even someone who falls asleep watching makeup tutorials on youtube. What? She has a really soothing voice.) I've got a few political blogs in there but they don't update as often as the frilly fun ones do.

Remember checking websites for new posts? That feels like forever ago. Of course sometimes it seems like the internet was much more fun that way. A surprise with every click.

All this to say, thanks if you're subscribing through a reader or through email. And I'm curious, what else is on your reader?

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Anonymous said...

ur welcome :D