24 October 2010

You've got to be kidding me...

Things I cannot believe are real-and not a joke:
  • MP BuRamiya, enough said. (I'm convinced he's Kuwait's Stephen Colbert.)
  • "Ground Zero Mosque" brouhaha
  • Small businesses who sell Kuwait Mills cupcakes with chocolate fudge drizzled over them for a million dinars.
  • Sarah Palin's career.
  • People who say things like "OMG, Mino ma ra7 iroo7 London this holiday?" or "Maligait badla ib a8al min KD 1,000" (They are their own parody.)
  • the U.S. is really still in Iraq fighting to rid Saddam of WMD/rid Iraq of Saddam and to preserve the American way of life. (what?)
  • Kuwait's Sephora staff.
  • Sheikh Sabah attended Fajer Alsaeed's wedding (it was a prank, right? Someone tell me he has a wicked sense of humor and punked all of us)
  • The lines at Pinkberry.
  • Salwa Aljassar is a Member of Parliament. (I've never needed something to be performance art more than her tenure in parliament.) (google: لا تسيسون السياسه)
  • Hassan AlBallam's new teeth (I really thought they were part of the costume for his Ramadan show).

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Jasem Alqaseer said...

What is wrong with ground zero mosque?!