14 August 2007

شكر وعرفان

Because gratitude is a virtue...
...and I can't always thank people when I want to...

Thank you Kuwaiti man with little boy wearing blue t-shirt for not cutting in line at the Soug Sharg main entrance Starbucks when the guy at the cashier completely ignored me and asked for your order.

Thank you man in green--I think, it was dark-- Toyota SUV who stopped behind me at a stoplight for turning your headlights off. It was very thoughtful and my eyes really appreciated it. (Don't worry safety-first people, he turned them back on as soon as it turned green.)

Thank you abaya wearing young lady who smiled back at me when I smiled as I was passing by her.

All of you give me hope. We're not all rotten eggs.

I love Kuwait.


rubicon said...

wow. what a salubrious post. very thoughtful and quite a change from the normal chiding in most posts from kuwait. thank you

GE&B said...