14 August 2007

The shiny invades Kuwait

I’m not really sure when or how it happened as it slowly crept upon us.

But if you're not staying up nights over this already you should be...(Kimora Lee Simmons, I blame you for destroying the Kuwaiti aesthetic.)

"Strass" (Rhinestones) have invaded Kuwait... I’ve been cooped up inside for sometime now so I’ve been out of the ‘loop’…a couple of days ago I decided to drive around the ‘loop’ just to blow off some steam and clear my mind…and I spotted it all over Kuwait.

What? Is shiny the new black?! Am I missing out on something here?!

I’m very confused…first it showed up on hijabs and that was cute and all… for the first 10 minutes. Then it just got tacky! But anyhow on a hijab it does give a certain éclat to a girl’s face, as a Lebanese-wannabe acquaintance of mine would say.

Then it showed up on cell phones which was deeply disturbing because my eyes are very sensitive to light and these shine-bombs were very…well…shiny.

Shiny and cheap…I mean you’re calling attention to your cell phone because…? it’s special…how? Not to mention it quite impractical as it scratches your face when you’re using the cell. Nonetheless, I figured let them be… to each their own right..?

But now I see it on cars and that’s just beyond disgusting (once again this is my personal opinion…Please don’t comment or send me emails saying “well I think it’s cute”).

I mean seriously!…I was driving on Gulf Road and I see a pink Hummer (as if regular Hummers weren’t ugly enough) with the Hummer logo on the back spelled out with rhinestones…(If I’ve ever seen a confused car…that was it!) Pink Hummer owner, you should be ashamed!

Then I noticed the trend …many many cars along Gulf Road had those tacky 2-D discoball-descendants somewhere on the car and many had blinged up their carmaker’s logos. UGH! How ugly! How very 70’s!

Now listen up Kuwait…

If you’re a guy there are only two good reasons for your car to be blingy:

1) You’re a rapper (which you’re not…even if you’re black and you think you can rap…you are not and you can’t).

2) You’re gay.

Kuwaiti girls you also get two reasons:

1) You have ridiculously bad taste.

2) You’re an idiot who would do anything other Kuwaitis do.

Why do I care?

I don’t.

I really could care less what people did to their cars.

But this is a problem...if it was one car I’d let it go, but a whole fleet of cars…we have to do something about this because:

a) it’s a hebba (“trend”) and you know how those can get out of hand around here...(think: would you like it if your neighbor's house was plastered with strass).

b) more importantly, its a national pandemic…and it’s really pathetic.

At this point I won’t be surprised if Kuwait’s official emblem was pimped out with shiny little crystals as well. (Make that image go away!)

Today’s lesson: Blinged up Kuwaitis need a life! And no you’re not cute!


rubicon said...

dear concerned kuwaiti blogger: i am sorry to see that no one has yet commended you on this post or commented for that matter but i would like to start by saying that if you have nothing to do, you should not waste your time on such things as what the latest jobless and aimless cohort is doing in kuwait.

its a bit like trying to convince people not to go for the newest ferrari in town. once the lemmings pick up on it you become the minority.

these things bother us because they tarnish the general aesthetic pleasure we are used to in a tasteful world but that's just the problem : there is no single guide to taste. the obvious and oft-impractical solution is to move to a different locale thate more appeals to you. ideas include cairo, beirut, paris, london, kuala lumpur and many more. if you're a design follower then you can even consider barcelona.

a word of advice : keep up the good posts but if you get too involved you may just one day become like them. sacre bleu!

GE&B said...


I do find solace in that the rhinestone "predicament" is a trend, and as far as trends go the faster they spread the quicker they blow-over (or is that wishful thinking?!).

I'm truly flattered by your comment and thanks for stopping by.

and one more thing if there's ever the slightest hint that I've become "like them", then for the love of all things pink and blue, shoot me in the head and call it an honor killing!