29 January 2008

Trash your heart*

After a long sleepless night morning, I decided to go to Marina Crescent and take a walk in the wee morning hours (okay...it was 8 a.m. but its still wee morning to me).

And I think I saw a sign! A divine message encrypted on a wall that only I could understand.

"Trash your heart," a stamp on the wall said. And that I will.

Internets, I thank you for your support but "Marina World" apparently's got my back. Big Elk and Mountain Thunder, I salute you.

* Alternate titles: dump your loved ones, love your trash can, "can" the love at Marina seafronts? Seriously, though what the hell is that?!


Anonymous said...

looooooooool thats funny..did u sleep well after u came back home or no?

GE&B said...

Would u believe that I stayed up till 2 am?!!!

powder said...