07 February 2008


Remember the company I was hoping to join soon?
The job interviews that ended with "well in that case, we'd love to have you join our company! When can you join?!"
Apparently, the job went to someone else.


I had high hopes that I'd leave my professional hobo career and join the ranks of the employed. Oh well.

The problem is I'd stopped applying and interviewing and all that oh-so-fun stuff for sometime now. (well since he told me we'd be signing soon).

I guess I should've known better. Nothing is set in stone unless its written on paper. A CEO's word is worth nothing.

I need to job-hunt some more now. Oh the joy! (Did I mention already how bad I am at job searches..?)



Anonymous said...

Ahh better luck next time :) keep smiling its the weekend !!

Hamitaf said...

if at first you don't succeed try and try again.. !!!!
Good Luck.. finding a job is hard.. bs look at it as a fun experience!! POSITIVE THINKING!! :D

Bombay Bombshell said...

Good luck!
Allah ma ketab,
The Company will probably go bankrupt oo ya3ni so its good you didnt join ;p

Ela AlAmam

GE&B said...

Allah kareem insha'Allah. and thanks for the support guys.