10 February 2008

In which I sexually assault men

while my father's praying.

Someone asked me about my most embarrassing moment yesterday after I said that I don't get embarrassed easily.

Here it is:

About four years ago I was in Soug Sharg with my father. My father leaves me to go pray and asks me to meet him in front of a certain store in 20 minutes. So I walk around the mall, you know just passing time.

After 20 minutes are over I go to the store front and notice that my father's right behind me. My hands were really cold (they always are; warm hearts, cold hands ya know) so I try to find my father's warm hand, which he had in his dishdasha's deep pocket. Like I always do, I reach into his pocket to get his hand out.

As I'm talking to him about the watches, my father was stroking the back of my hand in a very very weird way. So I look up and it's not my father.

Not only am I holding a complete stranger's hand in the mall. But my hand is in his pocket!

Apparently the guy's been following me as I was shopping alone. And I had my hand in his pocket. He continues to mumble to me as I try to get my hand out of his pocket.

But you know with both my hand and his hand in there it took what seemed like forever!

My father arrives after I've gotten away from the guy, I told him about it and he laughed it off with a "Ya baba, how many times have I told you not to stick your hands in my pocket!"

This being Kuwait and all I still see the dude I practically groped every once in a while.

Please share your stories to make me feel better.


Anonymous said...

looooooool, OMG el7emdella I have no such stories :) I am careful about who am I talking too... ur story is scary though! I mean ur hands in a strangers pocket.eeww

eshda3wa said...



im sorry nothing i say can beat that!!

baby said...

ok here it goes....i was just out of estqbal from my grandma house and met my cosin outside so he stopped to say hi and when he put his hand forward to shake my hand i automaticly (cuz i just been out from estqbal kissing a 100 women ) ...i took his hand and leaned up to kiss him on the cheek!!!!!!! he was so shocked he let me do it!! oh my god i recovered with a shocking im sorry.....bs i still cant looking in the eye 5 yrs later married and all :/

GE&B said...

@ amu: I KNOW! (wai3aaiiiin!)

@eshda3wa: did I raise the bar too high? (hehe)

@ baby: tehehehehehe....thank you, thank you, thank you. I was beginning to think I'm the only one who touches men inappropriately.