24 February 2008

Two boys, a toy store and a national eid

A few days ago, I was at Soug Sharg with TimTim,4, and Jooj,2; as we walked out of the arcades past the toy store the boys begin to beg to go in "to look at the toys only..." (Earlier that day, the boys had National and Liberation Days celebrations at their school and daycare).

Being their evil aunt, I pulled Jooji away and tried to coax TimTim with a "remember when I took you to the big toy store for Eid...? We'll come back when it's Eid to buy toys...today isn't Eid...yallah TimTim."

"Imbella! Ilyoum il3eed ilwa6ani!!" he countered. (Today's the national eid!)

You can't argue with that (or the ginormous puppy eyes). Off we went into the toy store.

Kuwait celebrates its independence, national day, on February 25th and it's liberation from Saddam's occupation on the 26th.

If the great weather doesn't get you in a festive mood, this definitely will:


G and L said...

Kolololeeeesh! I LOVE our national songs

Salah said...

Wishing you happy time and graet celebrations.