21 March 2008

You know you have siblings when...

1) You can't walk up the stairs with someone behind you without running and looking back.

2) You keep the remote control hidden while you're watching TV, and if you have to leave the living room for any reason you either hide it in a better place or take it with you.

3) Whenever your parent's call your name, you scream "It wasn't me!"

4) The home phone rings right next to you but you won't pick up because it's probably for someone else. (And if you do answer, you always say they're out...afterall if they wanted to be on the phone they should've picked it up themselves.)

5) The bumps on your head are a witness to the many times you were a moving target for whatever game they were playing.

6) You can keep embarrassing stories about each other from the public. You know enough that most of the time no one says anything because it's mutual assured destruction.

7) You find the most creative hiding spots; you know someone's going to snoop.

8) You can eavesdrop on conversations happening two floors down; potential blackmail material.

9) Self-defense classes? who needs those...you mean the rest of the population doesn't know that when you're being attacked you grab on tight and scream with all your might? You learned this before you learned to walk. (And you have the 'locking grip' where no one can take anything from your hands.)

10) You're very skeptical of requests like, "Put your hand over your face..." Your response is always "no way, get away from me..." a.k.a. "wa5er...yoooooma!"


ManalQ8 said...

nice post


I was laughing on # 3
remind me of my children


and # 10
I heat this type of things
but it do happen

Big Pearls said...

LoooL at #3..and yes we never pick up the phone.

Moniker said...

number 1. LOL.
i can't remember the last time i walked up a flight of stairs :|

Anonymous said...

loooooool some of them are really cute!

Mirror Polisher said...

ROFL hahahaha...I still do no.2 and 4

My hiding spots were so creative that even i couldn't remember where i hid my stuff :P

G and L said...

just thinking about my siblings gives me headache..!

G.E&B said...

Glad you enjoyed it :)

Muneeb Saeed said...

OMG :D #3,#4 n # 7 r soo true