19 April 2008

No! She! Didn't!

I wrote my previous post not to show how horrible the girls I'm around are or how much more enlightened I am, the purpose of the post was to shed light on how common discriminatory comments have become.

Many people seemed disgusted with the girls comments, although I'm convinced we've all said things along those lines because unfortunately our superior attitude is ubiquitous.

Case in point:

Today, an acquaintance married into a candidate's family called to convince tell me to vote for a certain rich candidate. I'm amused by this dude's decision to run for parliament, but I haven't really given him much thought.

Her argument:
1) 6abee3i ra7 ta36eena! (Ohwa minkum o'feekum)
"Wallah, I'm not sure yet; I've yet to hear him speak or hear anything about him. Bes inshallah..." she then explains how many ways we're related...(we're not.)

2) He's a young man, we need fresh blood.
"3ala 3aini o'rasi, bes our district is full of young people; so I"ll have to see."

Kafi inna wild _____, o'shayef 5air. Ya3ni shab3an moo min hel hailag illee dasheen 3ala 6ima3
"Hahahaaha", I thought she was joking then realized she's serious, "7abeebti...i got to go...but if you have information about events send me a message."

I hung up and almost hurled.

He can plaster the district from Doha to Qadsiya with his posters but with that kinda rhetoric
he's definitely not getting my vote!

Today's lesson: Rich people would never embezzle money or enter into shady deals to become richer. That's for haileg*.



eshda3wa said...

lesson learned ...

does she want a list of rich ppl with how much money they leached ?

this said...

kelish mo haytham alshaye3?! o shdakhal leflous belsalfa?!


3ala rasy min fog walh!


Oranjina fadidra said...

hahaha riffraffff!
she should rest her case miss green, yet she's slightly right!

mu kil man HAB o DAB yid5al il parliament lazim aku criteria for candidates ... after all they gonna present kuwait itself.

Anonymous said...

I hate politics... I do... I just support one lady and lil2asaf I can't vote for her even if I wanted to ... different area... allah ewafigha enshallah... I really hope she will make it....

Glitter said...

Adel il Sar3awY is the only one thameery ra7 yikoon mrta7 lamma asawwit lah.

nyxxie said...

you should just thank God you're more cultured and educated. :)