17 December 2008

Is it worth dying for?

Time Magazine cover from December 24, 1990.
From Life Magazine's picture archives.


Cloudy Stars said...

shfeeh il cover! :S
kuwait.. kuwait.. kuwait

shfeeha il denya gamat 3alaina

Salah said...

That's not a surprise for me!

They have the right to question the the position their goverment chose to take.

Would you accept that our goverment send our children to fight in a place like Sri Lanka or Cambodia or whatever?

Maryooma said...

Wow!! What an interesting title!! 1990 huh? Its a good question if your gonna fight for a country you havent even heard of!

eshda3wa said...

yes it is

G.E&B said...

Cloudy stars: well it's interesting isnt it?

Salah: not really a surprise for me either. they absolutely have the right to question.

the reason I posted is that the image got a visceral response from me for some reason, i think i'm gonna print and frame it. When I look around, sometimes I wonder if we, as a collective, know what Kuwait is and whether we'd die for it?

Maryooma/eshda3wa: i'm glad it's clear for you.

just a bunch of thoughts said...

That is pretty interesting. I've always wondered what American publication back then posted about us. I just never searched for it yet. Thanks for sharing.

& of course, I'd be asking the same if roles were reversed.