14 October 2009

People I find annoying

People who don't drink coffee/tea and preach
People who don't drink coffee/tea and make a point to preach about it have nothing going in their lives. Seriously, this is their only accomplishment. Can you imagine someone who ran a marathon or is working to end world hunger go on for 15 minutes about the dangers of coffee? Note to non-coffee drinkers: A simple "no, thank you" is more than enough.

People who work at makeup counters
People who work at makeup counters make a living off of our insecurities. "You're so pretty too bad about the under eye bags, buy this!" I especially get pissed off by Arab men who sell makeup here. Dude, you are not my gay best friend, I do not live in a sitcom as seen by my under eye bags!

People who send forwards and then ask if you've read them
I'm pretty sure I've let my feelings about forwards be known on this blog. Yup, right here. Like mutating bacteria that only becomes stronger, there's a new breed of people, those who send ridiculous forwards and then ask you if you've read them. Now why would anyone want to put others in that situation? 99.997% of the time I haven't, but to say that would mean that I don't appreciate them--which I don't--but I still don't want to admit it.


Anonymous said...

Yeah the self righteous 'health' freaks who rant about coffee/tea being bad always makes me question how much they actually know and whether or not they're doing research or blindly following what they hear.

Tea/coffee is actually healthy for you, I don't know where the misconception that they aren't came.

Guys who work at makeup counters, I agree they shouldn't be there but I guess the department stores hope that by having men selling female products, they will generate more attention. It's simply a byproduct of westernization.

I'm not a fan of forwards either, especially SMS forwards.

Anonymous said...

That pic is so funny! I agree with most of your post, but I like certain fwds, like jokes or pix. I especially hate fwds that spread rumors or lies. Most people tend to forward the latter without checking their truthfulness. It just annoys me grrrrr