12 March 2008

Not Summer is officially over.

Heating up in Kuwait
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"Not Summer" is over. I've turned on the A/C for two nights now.

Welcome to Kuwait, where it's either Summer or not Summer.

That's to say it's not fall (absolutely no foliage), not winter (not cold enough and I don't care what Kuwaitis say about their winters getting through to the bone), and not spring (maybe a little spring in February).

I hate Kuwait's summer (which lasts from late March to November). From November to early March it's "not Summer".

The only redeeming factor to Kuwait's summer is that it's dry and not humid. Stickiness is the only thing I hate more than heat (sorry Jeddah, Dubai.)

Now I'm off to make sure I have my car's summer gear in it: driving gloves, shades and an extra pair of sunglasses. Oh the joy!

Things to look forward to: swimming, jetskiing and icecream. (And feeling the "not Summer" breeze again in November.)


Salah said...

The not summer season, as you call it, is the best time to be in Kuwait as long as there isn't any sand storm.

We should have a colony somewhere in Europe, so we can go and spend the rest of the year away and waiting for the no summer to come again!

Big Pearls said...

I am a summer person!

G.E&B said...

salah: I KNOW! Adding insult to injury, there's a big chance I might not travel anywhere this year.

big pearls: my brother's like that..a summer person...I just don't understand what it is you like. The heat? maybe the searing heat? The long long long long HOT days? Did I already mention the three months of oven-temperature heat?!

eshda3wa said...

i really cant stand the heat!

one more thing to look forward to..